What Actors (and Artists) Should Ask Themselves

I’ve got something special for you today! It comes in two forms: a video AND a worksheet. Yes, I’m a nerrrrd.

I’ve created these two things for you because I believe that it is SO IMPORTANT to give yourself time to ask yourself something VERY IMPORTANT.

I make sure I ask myself this once a year, and I check in every quarter to make sure I’m still on track. 

And it is this:


Like, really, really. What do you truly want in your life as a person and actor/artist?

Knowing your answers to this will help you big time. Life is short. We only have so much time. You are here on this planet to be creative and do great things, to make it a better place, and to leave something behind! The world needs the best version of you and YOUR stuff!

But I know it can be HARD to answer this question. Which is why I’ve created this video and worksheet for you! I’m giving you a series of creative-thinking questions to help you get to the core of what you really want. The answer is going to be unique to YOU.

AND! Once you know and understand this, you’ll be hella motivated to take action and actually GO GET IT. Things you do day to day will make more sense and feel right.

So give yourself 30 minutes of creative thinking space to work this out. Check out the video below and DOWNLOAD THIS FREE WORKSHEET to help walk you through the steps! No e-mail required to get this worksheet, just click the link! But if you want to be sure to get my free resources as soon as they come out, along with exclusive content - join my weekly newsletter! (You can unsubscribe anytime if it’s not for you.)


What did you think of this video and worksheet? I’d love to hear from you! Comment below with what resonated with you the most!

Jennifer Pielak