How to Prepare for Auditions

Auditions! I have a great tool to share with you actors and performing artists to help you prepare for your auditions so that you feel:

  • less anxious

  • more artistically fulfilled

  • more efficient with your use of time

WHAT IS THIS YOU ASK? Well, I recommend creating an AUDITION RECIPE!

This is something that I’ve been doing for a while now, and I have to say it has been invaluable to my auditioning process.

Basically an audition recipe is a step-by-step plan that incorporates key elements that are 1) important to your audition, 2) your artistry, AND 3) how much time you have to prep.

The recipe always changes. It is dependent on what you are auditioning for, and what skills you are working on in your craft as an actor, and how you are feeling that particular day.

WATCH THE VIDEO BELOW and download THIS FREE CHEATSHEET to learn more about creating your own AUDITION RECIPE!

Jennifer Pielak