10 Time Management Tips for Actors


Time! I’m a nerd about time management and scheduling as an actor and artist. Why? I have to be to get what I want in my work and life.

As actors and artists, our schedules are all over the place - it can be really easy to get into “reactionary mode” where you feel like you don’t have control over your time.

FOR YEARS I thought that these feelings were just what I had to accept and deal with if I wanted to be an actor:

  • feeling like “balance” is something to be laughed at

  • feeling stressed and overwhelmed

  • feeling like I’m doing too much but never enough at the same time

  • feeling like there’s never enough time

And admittedly, I think I was partially addicted to the adrenaline rush that this kind of relationship to time gave me. There’s this buzzing type feeling I get when I:

  • bounce from audition to — job — audition — other job —  class — rehearsal without proper sleep, eating or breaks

  • am running late

  • finish something last minute

And when I found myself with spare time, what did I do? I often filled it by binging on TV shows, aimlessly scrolling on social media, or checking my e-mail way more than I needed to. I just had to keep that adrenaline/anxiety buzz going...

Pals - this isn’t healthy. It’s not. There is a way out, I promise. 

It’s not necessarily easy to begin changing your relationship to time (especially in our digital age), but I believe doing so is one of the the BIGGEST SECRETS to you feeling more relaxed, joyful, fulfilled and successful in your work and life. 

I’m sharing 10 Time Management Tips that I’ve learned and have really changed the game for me as an actor. Download this FREE pdf of these 10 tips and learn how to feel more in control of your time.

Give one of these things a try for a week and see how things change.

Slowly but surely, you’ll notice that you are flowing with time and time is working for with you, not against you! You’ll focus on the important stuff and you’ll feel better.

I’m constantly working at this, and the more I do these things, the more amazing I feel, and consequently, I show up differently.

And by differently, I mean - more present, connected, and emotionally available. And because of this, I’m more relaxed, my acting work is much stronger, I’m more productive, and I’m able to flow more with whatever comes at me. And all this contributes to me booking acting jobs more often, being truly there for the people in my life, and having time to really take care of myself and… shoot for the stars. 

We all have the same 24 hours in the day. And we all have big dreams. Get time on your side to help you make them happen. Trying some of these simple tools in this pdf will totally help.

Share in the comments below which time management tip gets you thinking, whether it’s resistance to it or it gets you excited - I’m curious!

Jennifer Pielak