I’m Jennifer Pielak. I’m an actor, musical improviser and coach from Vancouver, Canada. 

If I go the creative route to describe myself - I’m a blend of an old soul, a silly song-bird, a driven lady boss, and a zap of electricity.

I’m all about taking control of my career as an artist, creating my own work, sharing what I know, and collaborating with other movers and shakers in the performing arts and entertainment industries.

As an actor, I bring emotional honesty, comedic ability, and musicality to my work. From TV/film to improv shows to theatre/musical theatre - I know how to listen, translate and adapt my skills to suit the project at hand.

I specialize in musical improvisation, or the art of improvising musical theatre. What? Yes! I am a pioneer in the art form here in Vancouver, and I have created, produced, and performed in numerous musical improv shows and festivals in Vancouver and New York City.

As a coach, I work with performers who are serious about working hard, who are willing to take creative risks and who want to grow to their next tier. I’m an intuitive, energetic and focused teacher and I value creating safe, joyful spaces to work.

I love taking a vision and making it real. Whether that be making a character come to life, creating a show, collaborating with an improv group or developing a class - I have a special knack for transforming ideas into reality. 

And finally, while I make art to shed light on humanity and the deep questions of the universe, I also do it for a very simple reason - to feel and spread joy. Because joy is where it’s at.